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Letters and Sounds!


Happy Tuesday everyone! Recently we've been focusing on letters and sounds! The children have been enjoying looking…

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Easter Fun!


Happy Easter weekend everyone we hope you're all having a lovely time with your families! Last week…

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Making Music!


We love making music here at Leigh's Nurseries and this is an easy activity you can also…

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Obstacle Course Time!


Obstacle courses are an all time favourite here at Leighs Nurseries and they can easily be created…

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Our Respiratory System!


We've been busy learning about our respiratory system. As we all know, the main function of the…

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Experimenting Time!


This week the children have been absolutely loving experimenting! We've been getting busy exploring different colours and…

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Cardboard Box Fun!


The fun you can have with a few cardboard boxes! To kick start this amazing activity we…

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Den Making!


Hi everyone, Whether you have a child who attends Leighs Nurseries already, or you're a parent who…

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Appreciating Our Planet!


A big focus for us in recent days has been the planet we all live on called…

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