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Important Update!


Dear Parents & Carers,

Over the past month we have been able to remain open in all three locations. We have had lots and lots of feedback from you (mostly positive, some negative) which we have listened to and appreciate you taking the time to share with us. More and more nurseries have closed down as the weeks go by, so we are now looking after somenew children from other nurseries whose parents are needed at work to support the fight against the virus. We are happy to do our bit. And we must once again mention the incredible just-do-it attitude displayed by all our staff, every day, in every nursery.
Unfortunately (as some of you may have seen yesterday) the government has backtracked on our access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and will not now honour their pledge of paying 80% of our furloughed staff’s wages. This comes on the back of them trying to block nurseries out of the business rates holiday support (a decision now reversed) and of course let’s not forget about our insurers PoundGates letting us down completely. Also, weeks ago we applied to all three of our local authorities for the 10k small business grant  – but so far we’ve heard nothing from North Tyneside or Gateshead, and our Heddon application has been rejected.
Every business is struggling at the moment (except maybe Amazon and Netflix) so we are not unusual. It is however really galling to be “implored by government to stay open” and to be told “we appreciate the selfless dedication that childcare staff demonstrate in their work every single day” while at the same time being undermined. Last week our government told us “we will do all we can to support the vital service nurseries are providing”. This week, they cut back our access to the furlough scheme.
Leighs Nurseries is here to care for the children of key workers and vulnerable children, and will be here for everyone once the lockdown ends. Please help us by signing this change.org petition to persuade government to think again on the furlough scheme.
Finally, we would once again like to acknowledge the many kind and generous offers of support we have already benefited from. They have helped us to keep going, they have enabled us to pay our furloughed staff in full, and they have reminded us of how many kind and caring people we are lucky to know. Thank you so very much.
Best regards,
Leigh & Paul Caven
Leighs Nurseries.

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