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Jack And The Beanstalk Fun!


The children have been loving listening to the story of Jack & the Beanstalk so much recently that we had a full morning of themed activities around it!
We set up a small world area where the children played beautifully together, using their imaginations to retell the story and take turns acting out the different characters.
The giant was a favourite to act out and there were some fab “fe fi fo fums”! This was a great language & social opportunity for children of all ages, learning & using new words, sharing their ideas and listening to each other too as they played.
During this play the older children talked about how big & high the beanstalk was and compared it to the dolls. This inspired us to make our own beanstalk and measure each other to see how tall we were.
We wrote our names on leaves then took turns to stand against the beanstalk to be measured & stick our leaf on.
The children learned a lot of new language from staff about tall/short, bigger/smaller and looked at each others height closely. They were fascinated by the beanstalk and studied it for a long time, looking at each others names closely and talking about which friends were at the top, middle or bottom.
Lots of love,
Everyone at Leighs xxx

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