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Happy Tuesday everyone, we hope you all managed to have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend even if the weather was a bit grey!
The children have loved learning about insects recently and have had so much fun taking part in lots of fun insect activities here at nursery! After the excitement of finding a spider and ladybird in our nursery garden we decided to go on an even bigger bug hunt around one of our local parks!
We packed our ‘bug finder’ telescopes and a bug checklist and off we went! The children were super excited when we arrived, running around looking closely in trees, bushes and mud to see what they could find. Staff talked about over, under, high and low as we searched. We thought about where different bugs might like to live such as worms in the soil, spiders on webs in trees.
Each time we discovered a bug the children got so excited, calling their friends over to see and ticking it off their lists. We talked about how they looked in detail, size, colour and guessed how many legs or wings they had. We even found a gigantic snail which we took turns to race on! When we arrived back at nursery the children told their friends & teachers about all the bugs we had found very proudly.
Lots of love,
Everyone at Leighs xxx

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