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Leigh’s Staff Feedback #3


Happy Monday everyone!

I’m back again to share with you all some more incredible staff feedback from some of my outstanding team members!

Kelly (Senior Nursery Nurse): I’ve worked at Leighs Nurseries coming up to 10 years and it’s been the best 10 years so far. During this time Leigh has helped me grow as a person not only in my career but personally as well. They’ve supported me and also given my daughter the best start in life as she attended from being 5 months old until she left to go to school. Leighs has been like a second family to me and I know I can turn to her or any of the girls if I need help professionally or personally! Everyone is like family not just work colleagues! I love my job and all of the team and I’m so happy to work with such an outstanding team.

Amy (Nursery Nurse): I’ve been at Leigh’s for 18 months and I have loved every minute! I’ve suffered with anxiety for years and I have always felt supported by all the staff and Leigh. I’m always given time to chat when I feel overwhelmed or worried. I’ve always wanted to work with young children and Leigh’s has given me the opportunity to do that. I’ve been pushed to reach my full potential and supported all the way! I’m very thankful to work with girls who are so helpful & supportive.

Chloe (Senior Nursery Nurse): I’ve been a part of the team at Leigh’s for 4 years now and I have loved and cherished every single day. Over those 4 years I’ve grown so much as a practitioner and I have learnt lots. Leigh pushes you so that you can reach your true potential and she believes in everyone. Leigh, Paul and all management are incredibly supportive in every way possible. Leigh has always been very supportive each time my Husband goes back to sea every 3 months and the team is always there for a shoulder to cry on. Our team is like one big family. I can honestly say over the last 4 years there has not been a single day when I’ve not wanted to get up and go to work. Every day at Leigh’s is different and it is amazing watching all the children blossom during their time with us. Leigh’s Nurseries is a happy caring environment where every child has the opportunity to explore, discover, create, play and learn while being cared for by an outstanding amazing team! I am so proud to work for an amazing couple alongside such an incredible team! Leigh and Paul should be so proud of what they have accomplished over the last 16 years.

I feel so lucky every single day to have such an incredible team!

Lots of love,

Leigh xxx

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